Excellent Service!

On 6/3/20 I contacted Rob in the Clearwater,Fl office, about a water leak in our bathroom fan area. He researched the installation of our roof, which was 11/2017, he scheduled to have the roof repaired in a timely manner. I mentioned to Rob that our white roof gets so dirty/black so often. Rob informed me that prior to the timeframe of the installation, during the manufacturing process there was an issue that doesn't prevent blue algae that causes the dirty roof. Rob also scheduled the roof to be cleaned for Phase 1 to correct this issue.

Chris called to say he would be here at 2:00pm to repair the roof and he was here right on time! Chris was very professional, polite, knowledgeable and did a wonderful job!!!!!! Very special employee that Comfort Cover has!!!

The next day a crew arrived to clean the roof. Caleb H. and Jovanni F. explained everything that they were going to do. They watered all the shrubs and grass in the yard to ensure no damage was done. They went to work and cleaned and treated the roof in hour or so. And my goodness the roof like the day it was installed! Again this employees not only worked hard but were friendly, polite and professional!!!! Comfort Cover is very lucky to have employees like these individuals!

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