We have boarded our Border Collies, ages 12 & 13 yrs. old, at Bark-A-Bout on 23 Mile Road, Shelby Twp. for most of their lives. We recently moved away from Macomb County. We tried a kennel near our new resident. On the trial visit, we were told the younger dog did not react well to the 4 dogs they placed in the room with her. Therefore she did not pass the initial trail and would be accepted. Bark-A-Bout has gone the extra mile and has a tech/trainer work with our dog who has some anxiety when around dogs she is unfamiliar with. The tech/trainer will work with her to make sure she has activity while she is staying there. Although we now drive a hour plus, one-way, to board our beloved dogs at Bark-A-Bout, we know the care they receive there is well worth the drive. Thank you to all those who work at Bar-A-Bout. We know our pets are in good care when they are there.

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