It has been working fine now after we brought it back because there was an issue with the "cord I provided."

However I asked if you had a cord for the job and you said yes. I assumed then that you would be using your cord and not using mine and I could keep my cord which had a cigarette lighter adaptor as a backup.

The job itself was beyond my expectations though was really clean and professional and we now have a working camera that's really appreciated! You fixed the problem very quickly and it has been working great ever since.

As with most companies I deal with most are competent but the devil is in the details especially with communication. Maybe write in the work order details like "we will provide cord don't use customer cord."

I think you guys do great work just maybe rise above the fray in your communication details. Something mentioned in a conversation may not sound important to you but may be everything or a pet peeve to the customer.

Thanks for the opportunity to share

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