I woke up this morning freezing, and learned that the furnace was out of oil.

I thought she had an oil delivery contract with a local company, but it was very difficult to contact them.

I called Glendale and was met with Erika's cheery voice.

I was very worried because it was a Friday and remembered the furnace would also probably need to be reset, and getting to the basement would be impossible.

My brother was out of town, and my friend was here, but was not going to be able go stay too long.

Well, Erika made sure everyone got the details and I had oil and heat in about 1 hour.

I called her several times with questions, and she was just as nice each time. Thank you to everyone. Not having to call an 800 number, be transferred or listen to an interminiable list of options, OR be told to go to a website was like a dream come true! Life looks much brighter when you're warm.

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