Happy Carpet Cleaners

I am a wood sculptor with a home studio and two small dogs. There is a lot of

sawdust and dirt tracked into the house. Previously I got the company with the

coupons that advertised carpet cleaning specials in the newspaper. When I was

contacted afterwards to see if I was satisfied with the job done – well, it was

cleaner than when they started so I said 'Yes'.

Happy Carpet Cleaners is a case of getting what you pay for. Yes, it costs

more, but in the over 10 years that I have lived in this house, the carpets have

never looked/been as clean as they were when Ron cleaned them. I didn't even

realize that my foyer carpet was a light beige color as it always looked kind of

greyish beige even after it was cleaned.

I am very happy with Ron Werner's Happy Carpet Cleaners. Now I know that if I

want to be happy with how clean my carpets are, I'll 'get Happy'!

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