Finding Sweep's Luck is better described as our luck! When we found our Mother-in-Law's chimney had, at some point in the recent past, become home for a colony of bee's, we called Sweep's Luck. Our second bit of luck was meeting Daniel. It was Daniel who answered the phone, and responded to our home much more quickly than we expected. Our first impression of him was very positive. He went to work, and made a quick assessment. He first referred us to Sergio, the owner of AA Live Bee Relocation... and in fact put us on the phone Sergio within 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Daniel discussed our options for the installation of spark arrestor. He took the time to, earnestly, educate us... allowing us to make an informed decision. We made a handshake agreement, for the work, and scheduled the bee keeper... our third piece of Luck. Sergio's customer service practices were on par with Daniel's. Even though Daniel was scheduled for a vacation the very next day he took the time to secure the agreement an d schedule the work for the day he returned. He also remained in contact with Sergio throughout...taking calls while on his trip. Ultimately, Daniel, single-handedly, solved our issue as though it was his own... quickly, honestly and efficiently. I am 62 years old. Having owned my own businesses, and served the public for many years, I have strong opinions about the importance of treating customers properly. I can tell you that Daniel's service meets... in fact exceeds my expectations. We are happy to have chosen your company, and will not hesitate to refer your company.

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