To Mr. Zach and Mr. Mark,

Thank you for the beautiful pool! We love it! I especially love that I can hear the bubblers inside my house – what a peaceful sound!

We had been saving for a pool so when the time came to choose a pool construction company – I did my homework! I talked to about 12 companies/individuals that could possibly do the construction. Of those only 4 were invited to my house to survey and provide a quote. When I met with Mr. Simonton for the first time – I immediately wanted him to construct my pool for many reasons but the most important reason was he EDUCATED me on pools! He had instructions and pamphlets explaining the equipment and material he used. He had samples and explained the different plaster and decking available. He explained the special pool circulation he uses. I was immediately at ease with the amount of money I was going to spend because he taught me and answered all my questions. The construction of our pool took exactly 3 1/2 weeks and could not have gone smoother. Zach was great to work with and would send me updates throughout the construction process. He was very patient and answered all my questions. The individuals that completed each phase of the pool were professional and friendly. The work completed was excellent and beautiful! We love our pool! Mr. Simonton designed it perfectly for our family and especially our children. He knew they would love additional water features and the changing LED light. Thank you Simonton Pool Consultants!

Erica Edwards

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