Brandon Puppy Palace

Loki and I are always greeted with a “happy to see you” expressions from the entire staff. We started coming to the PP when Loki was 12-weeks old, but had to stop when he turned 6-months. It was important for a long-bodied Corgi to wait until he was a year old before he was neutered.

Yippee!! We were finally able to return last week after his surgery and healing. My fur-baby jumped for joy and proceeded to submissive pee on the floor... believe it or not, this is a happy puppy!! When I picked him up 3-1/2 hours later, he was one tired canine... he crashed in the car on the drive home – which he never does – then slept the rest of the evening... he even had a later than usual dinner!

If I needed board my fur-baby somewhere, it would be the PP... it’s the best! ...and I trust the staff with his care... they’re almost as good as me‼️😉💕

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