I have been seeing Dr. Kafayi for nearly ten years now. At one point, he stopped taking my dental insurance plan, and I tried another dentist for a year. The contrast reminded me why Dr. Kafayi is such a great dentist, and I switched dental plans during the next open enrollment period in order to be able to see him again. His office is a very professional operation, with everyone from the desk staff to the hygienists to Dr. Kafayi himself consistently calm, friendly, and cheerful. For anyone with dental anxiety, this is a great place to go!

The thing I particularly appreciate is that he doesn't try to drum up extra business or talk you into procedures you don't need. Other dentists tend to look at some of my old amalgam fillings and my slightly yellowish teeth and try to talk me into replacing the fillings and having my teeth whitened. He looks at the structural integrity of the fillings and doesn't push for any procedures that aren't necessary.

If you do need a procedure, however, you'll find him to be gentle, careful, and proficient. You'll also get a follow-up call to check to make sure everything is good a few days later.

So if you're looking for top-notch preventive dental care without pressure, and someone you can count on if you do need a procedure, I couldn't recommend Dr. Kafayi any more highly!

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