Several years ago when faced with what I thought to be a fairly simple real estate law conflict, I spoke with a number of attorneys referred to me by people I respect. Having served as a Hearing Officer in a University for some 12 years, I was generally familiar with legal reasoning, only later did I realize just how byzantine California real estate law could be. After interviewing several others I selected Deb Graceffa. She quickly impressed me as being no nonsense, knowledgeable and importantly accessible. We initially shared the hope of successful mediation, however this was not to be. The opposing party and counsel pushed hard and the case eventually ended up in binding arbitration.

Throughout the process Deb was assertive and deeply mindful of my interests. There were no glitches with paper- work, deadlines and other missteps that often sidetrack cases. Without going into details, her concluding brief was clearly written and grounded in the law. I prevailed, and was awarded damages. The opposing counsel appealed the award to the Superior Court but Deb countered the claims and the Judgment was affirmed.

Since the resolution she has kept me up to date with developments that might have a bearing on my situation going forward. Deb has earned my robust and unqualified endorsement in the area of real estate law.

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