Jul 23, 2017

Runyon Appliance Service

Overall, I am pleased with the results of your service to repair our Maytag brand washing machine. The service request was initially placed with OneGuard Home Warranties who then placed the request with Runyon Appliance LLC.

The initial service call to diagnosis the problem was done with the technician arriving as scheduled. The technician presented himself very well, he promptly went to work checking the machine. The cause of the problem was quickly determined, considering the scope of repairs needed, those repairs would be best performed at Runyon’s shop. As I learned later, his diagnosis was accurate in terms of what was wrong with the machine.

A schedule was set for the machine to be picked up.

The machine was repaired in a reasonable time and arrangements were made to deliver our washer back to us. Delv T. was the delivery person, he was polite, courteous and careful in handling the washer both in terms of pickup as well as delivery of the machine.

Correspondence with the Runyon office was timely and appropriate.

When the washer was returned, at first glance it appeared in fine shape. However, after re-installation and upon closer examination, I was disappointed to see dirt/greasy smudges on the inside of the lid and, to an even greater extent, in the tub area. Lint, dirt/greasy smudges were all around the periphery of the gray colored top ring of the tub and the white ring immediately above the tub. See pictures. The dirt/greasy smudges were not there when the washer was picked to go to the shop. Understanding that the washer was undergoing repair and things do sometimes get dirty in the performance of maintenance, the lack of cleanup is unacceptable in this type of service business. This creates an unfavorable impression for me….your ultimate customer. Put yourself in my shoes…..what would you be thinking if it had been your washer? How about the quality of the actual repair?

This washer was a part of the Condo purchase we made late last year, moving into this unit on January 31, 2017. Understanding that it was a used machine and in our initial inspection there were no signs evident of any damage/abuse or abnormal wear, it appeared to be clean and to have been well cared for, in other words – excellent shape.

Reference the picture. Concerning another detail having to do with the white semi-stationary ring that is above the gray ring. You will notice there is a small rough edged notch on the inner edge of this ring. Following the inner edge of this ring all the way around, there are multiple places where that edge is very rough or scuffed. In my opinion, this part was not manufactured that way, these rough edges present a surface that “could” snag or cause a problem with more delicate fabrics. The small notch, the rough edges as described, in combination with the large amount of lint and dirt on this ring leaves me with a thought…..during the re-assembly following repair, did parts from my washer become mixed with those of another similar washer and the part I am questioning is not the original part from my washer?

In considering “would I recommend your service to others” the points you earned came from several things, mostly from your promptness to solving my service need and a machine that has performed well since it was returned. Also, the courtesy of your repair technician, the actions of Delv T. your pickup/delivery person. In terms of correspondence, you did pretty good too with the “robo” calls. You lost points though with the lint, dirt/greasy smudges found inside the machine.

I tried to be a good customer but failed somewhat, both our cell phones and wired phone in this new home aren’t working reliably and sometimes created issues with communications with your office.

I would recommend Runyon Appliance LLC to others for service of their appliances. In the future when we have appliance repair needs, I would ask my home warranty provider if we could have your company handle our service. In the meantime, I would hope that you would insure that your in-shop technicians take pride in their efforts and have a supply of rags and solvent plus the mindset to clean up the equipment they just repaired. Maybe your delivery person should be equipped with the same. In exchange, I’ll insure that my phone systems are performing better.


Jim Little

21320 N. 56th Street Unit 1172

Phoenix, AZ 85054

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