Technician arrived at 8:45, introduced himself and shook hands. Then we did a walkthrough. He was very thorough and asked if there were any special concerns or instructions. Took him till 9;30 to do calculations. Seemed a little uncomfortable doing the math. Cleaned uostair5s first till around 10:30. Had him doing travel paths in BR's and move only chairs and coffee table, DR in LR/DR. was very good and wiped down all corners and baseboards in all rooms. Took about 20 minutes to do stairs. Made sure he did risers mas well as steps. Cleaned downstairs until 11:20.

Only problem I had was he over saturated carpets and it took till Sunday to dry out. They came out looking great.

Do not know if you still require raking of carpets after cleaning but he skipped that step.

Jason was very personable and friendly. He is a hard worker and was careful not to spray furniture with cleaner

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