Joel is simply the best. I was distraught when I moved into a newly constructed home and discovered that much of the construction debris had been swept into the floor vents and therefore had gotten into the HVAC. When my partner came down with bronchitis and I couldn't figure out why there was a layer of dust over everything that I could not get rid of, I discovered the problem a couple days after moving in while cleaning the floor in the area around my vents. Joel came within days of my calling him, he took the time to explain what he did differently than other cleaners who had quoted me a lower price, and promised not to upsell me, which appears to be a real problem with duct cleaners who quote low prices to get their foot in the door. I can't sing Joel's praises enough. My vents were immaculate when he was finished with them. He also took the time to explain during the process what he was doing and why. Not only did he remove tons of debris left behind by the builders, he also helped me understand how to get the most efficient use out of my HVAC and how to control the system in ways I otherwise would not have known. Not only is Joel passionate and super knowledgeable about what he does, he is also very smart, interesting to talk to, and just an all-around good human being. The difference between our air quality before and after Joel's visit was enormous. My partner's breathing problems dissipated, the air 'felt' different (if that makes sense), and we both were relieved that Joel was able to make our space habitable. The ever-present layer of dust over everything is gone, my vents are shiny clean, and I can reach out to Joel with any questions or concerns I have. He followed up the next day to see how we were feeling. I really appreciated that. It's not often that I call someone a miracle worker but that's exactly what Joel is. I won't use anyone else to clean my vents as long as Joel's in business.

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