We have a home that has approximately 2200 square feet of roof. McLean started on a Monday by removing all of the Mission S style roof tiles, they replaced all the sheeting, ship lap and fascia boards that showed signs of dry wrought. All of the nessesary materials were installed prior to the re-installation of our existing roof tiles. On Friday you could barely see any sign that they were there other than the fact that the roof looked great. They valley gutters were left open a bit at my request to ad in the ability to remove debris that can obstruct the flow of water in the gutters, which happened at our house causing the water to move horizontally on the roof creating the dry wrought. New flashings were installed and painted to match the roof color. I mistakenly left instruction to save the rain gutters that went around the house, thinking I would re-install them. I later determined that it would be best to replace them. In the process of cutting them down to a more manageable size, my neighbor stepped out and stated,"jokingly" that there were eight men working on the roof at any given time and they did not make as much noise as I did. They say the best judge of character is doing the right thing when no one is looking. We were not home while our roof was replaced, but most of our neighbors were. The commented on how professional McLeans employees were taking care of every detail. I would highly recommend McLean Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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