My 2011 Jeep Wrangler had 2 dents in the drivers side rear panel above the rear tire. The dents were caused by my kids knees as they climbed over the tire to get in the back seat when the Jeep's top was off. I stopped by the Dentaway League City location to ask if they could look at these dents and 10 minutes later my Jeep was in their shop being worked on. After about 20 minutes, the gentleman drove my Jeep out and invited me to inspect the work. I was impressed to say the least! There is zero indication that the Jeep was ever dented! I have a very critical eye and believe me it is perfect! I would highly recommend this business to anyone who has a dent that needs attention. The cost was very reasonable too.

I added a photo of the repaired area. Unfortunately, I don't have a before pic but there were two dents the size of a 9 year old's knee cap in the area above the tire. You can see in this photo that it is now perfect again!!

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