CCC Pool Services Inc

From the moment CCC took over the maintenance of our pool, it was night and day from the previous vendor. I am a property manager, and I was hearing from our tenants on a weekly basis about issues with the pool. What had previously been a lovely amenity had turned into a constant nightmare, with water quality issues, algae issues, broken equipment, skimmer baskets left full of debris, etc., etc. Ever since we changed over to CCC, I received one happy call from the renters after their 1st visit, raving about what a great job they did and have not heard a peep from the tenants since. Let me tell you, silence can, in fact, be golden! It means our tenants are now happy and our pool is back to sparkling, with all of the equipment working, safety issues addressed immediately on takeover, and they have diligently taken care of it since. Could not be happier that we made the change to CCC Pool Services.

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