I highly recommend Sweeps Luck. Our condos are known for having extremely long dryer vent lines. Because of this, lint buildup and moisture is common. I was impressed with this company the first time, and even more so the second time they cleaned my vent line. I had neglected to have them come out in a timely manner. As a result, a pretty serious problem had developed. Daniel worked for hours clearing my vent line of lint and water. Everything is working perfectly again. A couple of my neighbors used a different company, against my recommendation. The first one ended up with a dryer fire because they didn't clear her line and the second one ended up with a company that not only did not clear her line but kept finding things that "needed to be done" and charging her upwards of $700. It was a scam. I guarantee you, Daniel does not work like this. He is trustworthy, hard-working, and is extremely reasonable. I highly, highly, highly recommend him and this company.

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