Sparkle Water Management has been servicing my pool for the past 10 yrs. If I had any questions or should problems arises with the pool, I called and dealt with Peggy. She always pulled through as the pool services were handled in an efficient manner.

Peggy retired in December of last year. It was hard to see her go. I was introduced to Delia who would take her place. I knew that Peggy's "shoe's" were hard to fill given the expertise and customer service skills she had possessed. Well, I recently had an issue with my pool and called Delia right away. I have to admit that Delia, with 3 months on, was also very efficient. She contacted me in a timely manner and the issue I had with the pool was met. There was no "drop-off" on the way she handled my request.

Good job Delia and good job Sparkle Water!

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