J & J Pools & Services

J & J Pools & Services were able to fix our pool problems and provide us with technical information that answered all of our pool questions.

We called three other pool service companies for service visits and quotes of what would be needed to solve our problems. J & J Pools & Services answered our call first, followed up, and locked in a time and date for a service call. This all happened prior to the competitors calling back and following up about my inquiry. J & J Pools & Services guaranteed their work and gave me an estimate that was by far our most cost effective option.

After moving forward with having J & J Pools & Services, they came through on time as promised and replaced my old pump, filter, and plumbing within five days of the initial service call! One day after this, a big pool name company finally called me back to set up a time for a service call.

Their fast response and honest assessment of what we needed to get our pool up and running was a true testament of their honesty and integrity.

I will continue to use J & J Pools & Services for all of our pool needs. Their technical expertise is not only helpful but is the gold standard and what should be expected from a pool service company.

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