I've used Alpine Home Services for a couple of years. The housekeeping services are top-rate and the price is very reasonable. What I find indispensable and a must for anyone with a second home, is the caretaking services that AHS offers. With all of the snow that Kirkwood has received this year, the potential for damage to homes is very high. While checking my home, Samantha saw a crack in a wall and alerted both me and my contractor. She sent pictures so we could start evaluating the problem. She also provided a contact for someone to remove snow from the roof, the probable cause of the crack. Today I got a call about a tree falling and hitting my house. Not the news I wanted to hear, but I sure appreciated being alerted to the problem now instead of discovering the issue late on a Friday night. I highly recommend AHS and all the services they provide. You won't find a friendly and more professional company.

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