We are customers of Mike's Appliance thru a Home Depot service policy on our LG refrigerator that quit running recently. Our experience with Mike's has been very good, as has the coordination between Mike's and the HD office. Mike's scheduler, Loretta, was very courteous and professional, as was the young man who actually did the service work (Carlos). The needed replacement part (a compressor) came in earlier than expected (w/i 4 wk'g days of ordering). Installation of the part was the next day.

Carlos, the service technician, was very customer-oriented, courteous & very professional. Before doing the work, he made sure we understood what he was doing in terms of the diagnostics and then the needed repairs. He was on the phone w/ the LG offices during the initial trouble-shooting. He was very careful that his wk didn't disturb anything else in the kitchen, as he was moving the unit around and when doing the wk, etc.

The initial repair appeared to do he trick, but Carlos told us to give it some time, & if there were any problems to call. W/i a couple of days, the unit was losing cooling again, so we called Mike's & spoke to Loretta. He was back that same day, & fixed the problem (a valve that leaked). All's well now. We are very pleased, not only w/ the HD plan, but especially w/ the service of Mike's & his excellent staff. We're appreciative that they made it a priority to get the fridge fixed asap, & minimize our inconvenience.

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