My thirteen year old male cat, Chachi, had never been groomed professionally nor bathed. I contacted All Over Rover and Cats Too because Sharon, the woman who rescued Chachi, where I adopted him over ten years ago, found them on line and said their reviews are good, so trusting Sharon without a doubt, I called All Over Rover. I was such a scared cat mom, I had no idea what to expect nor how my cat would handle this new experience. He had minor matting, enough to be uncomfy, I am sure, with white dandruff-like flakes along his sides and thighs, so all I can say is when my boy was finished being groomed, I saw one happy, proud, beautiful and shiny cat. He was so aware as to how he had been helped to feel better. He look relieved. He obviously liked Daniel and Amanda, because he was so relaxed and pleased in their presence after his grooming with his new self. What a difference, so right away, I contacted my cat and dog friends to refer them to All Over Rover and Cats Too, and I'm looking no further for groomers. They are sweet, kind, knowledgeable, and we know, our animals will let us know...they are the best feedback. The best. Happy Cat, Happy Mom.

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