Runyon review

I called my home warranty company because my fridge stopped working. They sent out Runyon appliance and I Waited for someone to come out. Then was told it was the compressor and the fridge would need to be picked up to repair. Wierd. Pickup guy shows up 3 days later and says he can't take because water and ice valve is bad and I need a plumber. Not sure why the first guy didn't catch that. 3 days later plumber comes and replaces valve. Called Runyon back and rescheduled fridge pickup guy for 2 days later. At this point I have had no fridge for 12 days. Guy shows up and can't fit it out of the door. Dismantles entire fridge, still can't fit. He calls his boss to see if they can replace the compressor in my home since he apparently can't get it moved. His boss says no and that there is nothing more that they can do so I'm out of luck. Seriously? Great customer service. I called the home warranty company and they sent out Elite appliance repair company. Come to find out it wasn't even the compressor. The compressor was fine. It was the relay which was a 2 minute fix. So I went 2 weeks with no fridge all because either Runyon couldn't diagnose the issue properly or they were trying to rip me off by saying I needed a new compressor. Terrible customer service, and terrible repair plan Never will I use Runyon again nor would I ever recommend them. Elite appliance was great and would definitely recommend and use them in the future!!

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