The most professional company I've worked with in a long time. Completed the work within the timeframe promised, at the price quoted.

Our pool leak was bad and progressively got worse, to the point the pool was loosing a foot a water a day. Mark spent several hours in and out of the pool, examining the entirety of the pool and pool equipment. Mark found the leak was located within the pool plumbing under the deck, which required additional repair work (cutting into the deck). Richard arrived promptly a couple of days later to cut into the deck to attempt to reach the leak. He spent many hours digging under the cement deck, but unfortunately, the leak was located near the pool main drain, at a depth which Richard could not reach. At this point I thought I was going to be out of luck. However, Richard provided us with an alternate solution so that the pool would stop leaking. Richard spent more time adapting an alternate solution, returning the soil that had been removed, placed new concrete where it had been removed, and finally returning soil and turf to a spot he had dug outside the pool deck. He cleaned things up so well that no one could tell that any work had been performed.

After all that, Richard handed us a bill with $0.00 as a balance. I was shocked, but Richard explained that Aaron's promise is a repair job that returns the pool to 100% function, and since the alternate solution did not meet that promise, there would be no cost for the additional repair work! Wow, what honesty and professionalism.

I'd recommend Aaron's Leak Detection with out hessitation. If you have a leak, call Aaron's!

David Tooke

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