From the very beginning I drove you crazy with questions, and you helped me kindly with all of them with the best information you had available at the time. Also, you were quick and efficient with following thru with everything with the paperwork, and advising my main lien problem creditor.

Tana was the same as you were working with me and my case. She was very kind and helpful, advising me to file the claim of exemption with the LA county shefiffs' office, (from your clientele's experience), and thus delaying the lien on my bank account being processed before the bankruptcy paperwork had been fully filed, as such stopping the lien on my bank account all together.

Gary Smith is terrific, like you and Tana Terry, he explained everything to me, and went above and beyond the call of duty to take good care of me and look out for me to be sure the funds from my bank account, if they had been taken, (which was quite a large sum of money for me, and would have financially hurt me alot), would all fully be returned to me. He also, took care of communicating with a creditor I owed a sizable sum to, (who did not necessarily fall under the bankruptcy qualification), with allowing my debt to them to be dissolved under the bankruptcy.

I am so glad I found you myself in the yellow pages and called you, and have since told a number of people of my great experience with all of you and your organization, and I highly recommend all of you and your organization to anyone who might need your services with divorce or bankruptcy.

Thank you all again for helping more than I can ever begin to thank you in words in getting thru a terrible ordeal in my life so well. GOD Bless and Keep All of you Safe and Happy, and continuing to do the great work for everyone like you did for me. Thank you again so much.

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