I met with Greg for the consultation process when I was shopping around for a solar system. The entire process was very laid back and Greg was very understanding to the fact that I was in the process of getting other quotes.

I had a good idea of the system size that I required and ESP offered the best value out there. ESP offered the most economical quote by far of five different companies that I consulted with.

When I decided to move forward, the entire process was flawless and far quicker than I had anticipated. Understanding that the experience may not be the same for everyone, from the time I signed to the time I was producing power was just over one month!

I am completely addicted to watching my home produce Solar in real time, and not being at the mercy of PG&E rate hikes. I would highly recommend Energy Saving Pros to anyone that is looking to get Solar. I would also recommend that you do so prior to the incentives going away.

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