Dr. Million was the first and only Dr. to correctly identify my problem. I saw 4 other Dr's including 2 general surgeons who seemingly didn't know what they were talking about. They all said I had hemorrhoids when indeed I had what is called an anal fissure with a skin tag. She saw this right away, I had been in pain for months prior. A lot of pain. I had been wrongly diagnosed therefore I had been treating the problem wrong! What! I wish the other Dr's would educate themselves better. She seriously saved me. I was told by the other Dr I would have to have a general anesthesia for surgery, Dr. Million did the procedure with a local anesthetic in 15 minutes! I immediately felt way better. The staff is super sweet, I would highly recommend anyone who is having problems in the rectal area to go to her. Right away. I think a lot of ppl assume hey have hemorrhoids, getting the right diagnosis is super crucial. Don't wait like I did, causing the pain/problem to get sooo much worse.

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