Dr. Sadakian is the best dentist I could ever imagine having. AND I KNOW DENTISTS.

He will make certain your work is done to serve the best interests of YOUR DENTAL HEALTH and his conscience. I can not imagine going to any other dentist. Thank you Dr. Sadakian for minimalizing the restorative dental work when other dentists were maximizing the complexity of their service for the interests of their practice and certainly not for my dental health. I even brought my 89 year old mother to Dr. Sadakian after bringing her to 3 prosthodontists one orthodontist and one clinical professor at a local school of dentistry. Only Dr. Sadakian was able to preserve my mothers teeth. I can state with 100% certainty that my mother would have domino losses of all her teeth and related health detriments if it wasn't for DR. Sadakian. We all thank you and love you Dr. Sadakian.

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