April 22, 2015

If you need a new roof or roof repairs, Art Melick, the Flat Roof Specialist, is your “go-to” guy.

Art is as honest as the day is long; and he and his team are dependable, super-competent and friendly.

Our home, in Davis, CA, has a gradually sloping roof with multiple peaks and valleys. Over the years, dry rot had compromised parts of the overhang and the skylights needed to be re-designed and re-framed.

Art came over, did a thorough walk-around, pointed out needed repairs, provided alternative solutions to structural design problems and then submitted a written proposal that was comprehensive and fair.

The project began on time and was completed within a week. Art obtained all the permits needed from the city and brought in a professional contractor, without additional cost, to lift and re-set the heating/air conditioning units.

As needed, Art re-built sections of the roof, installed custom skylights and made structural design changes consistent with the warranty which accompanies his work. He and his team left nothing undone. You’re not going to find better craftsmanship anywhere.

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