As a result of my last teeth cleaning, we realized it was time to deal with a sinus related tooth problem that had become infected. Dr. Bentley and his assistants explained very carefully what needed to be done.

I do not have dental insurance but they provide Dental Care Credit that enables one to pay off the procedures required, interest free. With all that taken care of, I began a root canal procedure with Dr. Bentley a few days later.

One hour before arriving, I took a prescribed pill to relax me for the duration of the visit. (If you are like me, just the thought of going to the dentist makes us extremely tense.) His staff were courteous and professional. They offered me laughing gas and all through the procedure Dr. Bentley was very conscious about my pain levels and addressed them accordingly with shots that did not hurt at the time.

Dr. Bentley called to check on me the next day. He told me that the anesthesia remained in my body for 24 hours and would help with the residual effect of the shots. My recuperation time was shorter than I thought it would be. I'm also really impressed with the temporary crown that has no jagged edges. It is fitting really well until my next procedure next week.

I highly recommend Dr. Bentley and his team for your dental needs.

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