My review from (check out the other 60 5 stars there as well!)

"Travis & Amanda were outstanding!!!

They just left me with a really clean, nice smell carpet & bed.

I was looking for an organic carpet cleaning business and their only 5* reviews made me confident to hire them.

Our Stain Circumstances:

We have 2 dogs and one loves to clean his face on the bedroom's carpet after he eats... Spoiled one -I know- so we got a couple of big spots on the carpet.

And our king size bed had couple of stains, too.

My experience:

Travis works with his fiancee, Amanda. They arrived on time, were really polite and did an excellent job. The only thing I had to do is to strip down the bed & close the pets. :D (My husband & I removed the smaller furnitures ahead, so they did not had to deal with it.) They moved the bed to clean out underneath.

They promised to be done in an hour, and they were ready on time. Their prices are good ($55 for the bed and $40 for the master bedroom), their job is great & I was really happy with the experience with this company. They got me an appointment within few days and were done while I was having fun with the pups in the backyard. I can just offer them. I asked for a big bunch of business cards & I'll spread the world! Don't look further! Ask for Travis & Amanda!"

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